Hurricane Irene UPdate 7am Friday

Hurricane watches have been extended along the coast through the northern boarder of Massachusetts.
For NYC, the forecast is for a band of heavy rain from the old front Saturday afternoon, with tropical storm conditions setting in by Saturday night, so you have to be in a safe place before Saturday night.

What can I say that hasn’t been said better by the weather channel, weather underground and crown weather? The forecast models have keep Irene on a track to smack New Jersey, the NYC area, Long Island, Connecticut and Rhode Island and Massachusetts with high winds, even inland. The storm could still veer off the the east – which would devastate Providence, Rhode Island and Cape Cod and Boston. One ‘hope’ is for eastern North Carolina to weaken the storm – but it will still have a massive storm surge, strong winds, no matter what.

Go to these sites if you want everything from the basic warnings to detailed supergeek analysis! This site will be updated until Friday evening only.

Strong winds will extend far inland – not just at the coast.
If you are on the coast, check inundation and evacuation maps to see if you could be affected. Don’t wait until everyone else decides to leave.


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