Heads UP! Still looking for Saturn? Bright objects in the sky

For those who miss our talks about what you can see in the sky, here’s an update…..
It’s a quiet time for bright objects with Saturn sinking in the western sky and super-bright Jupiter waiting until 10:30pm to climb above the horizon.
Venus is very bright, but hard to find low in the brightest part of the sky right after sunset. Saturn will come down and keep Venus company on the 28th and 29th. A clear western horizon, binoculars and a chart will help.
Here’s a chart from the Sky and Telescope web site to show you the sky after 10pm. If you’re in a very dark location, look for the Milky Way like a wispy cloud arcing over the sky. If you have binoculars, check out the teapot low in the southern sky (Sagittarius on the S&T map). There are lots of star clouds and clusters to find there.
skychartPDF late aug 2011 1030
If you stay up for Jupiter, check out its four brightest moon with binoculars or any telescope.
The International Space Station is a bright dot moving through the sky after sunset through Sept 5th. Check heavens-above.com or spaceweather.com or a NASA web site for best times to see the ISS.


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