Speaking of planets in the daytime….

Here’s photo through my 8-inch (200mm) dobsonian telescope of Venus in the midday sky. I used my Canon XS attached to the telescope in place of an eyepiece. It’s attached with an adapter and a barlow lens, which made the image 2x larger and allowed the telescope and camera combination to focus properly.
Since Venus is to the west of the Sun, the Sun follows Venus across the sky. I have to watch carefully to make sure the Sun’s rays don’t come into the telescope. I use the roof of the house to block to Sun, moving the scope every few minutes to stay ahead of the sun.

Venus at noon with 8inch dob and Canon XS camera. Click to see the tiny, almost full disc of Venus. Then use the back arrow to return.

Venus is very small now, on the other side of the Sun from us. I had hoped to see Jupiter nearby, but I couldn’t pick it up.
The best way to see Venus, with the other planets low in the eastern sky in the morning. See sky and telescope’s web site for cool graphics on how to see this gathering of the bright planets.


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