Sights from Coast to Coast

My wife and I flew across the country last week. Here’s some scenes…..

Clouds looking like speed bumps casting shadows on a solid deck of clouds below.

Waves of altocumulus clouds cast shadows to the left on a lower deck of stratocumulus clouds, giving a three-dimensional effect

Canon SX from 30,000 feet over the midwest USA.
1/400 second exposure at F14, ISO 200, 24mmFL

Looking like a view from space, here’s Colorado River from 34,000 feet

Lake on the Colorado River, Arizona. 1/500 sec, F11, ISO 200, 18mm FL

Sunset in San Diego, with the sun under the cloud deck and above the horizon.

"Square" Sun - zoom to see the setting sun

Where not to stand when waves get high….

Breaking waves threatening to wash over the Ocean Beach Pier, San Diego

Kite heading for the Moon! From Mt. Solidad, La Jolla, CA

Mt. Solidad, monument to those who served in the USA military. Black squares are tributes to our servicemen and women.

Example of a tribute block. They celebrate the lives of those who served, including some who did not return.


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