Mercury tops Jupiter

Typically, Mercury is harder to find than Jupiter, since Jupiter is brighter, larger than Mercury and Mercury is usually further into the glare of the sun than Jupiter. In this photo, Jupiter is brighter, but lower in the sky than Mercury. Jupiter is just above the treeline and Mercury is to the upper right.

Jupiter is in the center, just above the treeline. Mercury is up and a bit to the right. Click on the photo to see them, or just scroll down to see a larger version of the photo, making them easier to see

Here is the same photo, with the portion of the photo that has Jupiter and Mercury, enhanced a bit to show them better.

If you want to see for yourself, Mercury will be about one-fist-width (held at arm’s length) above the horizon, best seen about 30 minutes to an hour after sunset for the next week.
See for more instructions and a diagram of how to see Mercury.


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