Final Bow for Shuttle Discovery

The Shuttle Discovery undocked from the International Space Station on Sunday. They are still traveling through the sky together, ahead of Discovery’s return to Earth midday Wednesday. They passed over Elmsford, New York together this evening at 7pm. This photo is a time exposure of 10 seconds, so the two spacecraft look like lines of light as the streak through the sky. Discovery is the one on the right. It is in a lower, faster orbit than the ISS, moving out ahead of the ISS. The sideways “W” of the constellation Cassiopeia is on the left.

Shuttle Discovery (on the right) and the International Space Station appear to streak across the sky in this 10 second time exposure

Here’s some of the other photos of this – none are perfectly focused. I didn’t have time to focus as I arrived as the overflight was starting. The camera moved a bit as well….


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