Orion from a Subaru

I was waiting for the Nano-Sail D to fly over, through Orion, but I didn’t see it. I had to go to a meeting, so I used my smaller Canon A40 to take this photo using my Subaru as a ‘tripod’. If you click on the photo, you can see that my aim was not steady. I hoped to get a photo of the Nano-Sail, but if it came by, it may have been too faint for this camera to pick up. While I recorded stars as bright as the Nano-Sail, the camera exposure of 15 seconds is enough to record the stars, but maybe not long enough for the Nano-Sail, which would have moved across the frame.

Orion, 15 sec exposure Canon A40 steadied on the back of a Subaru (in foreground)


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