Jupiter and Uranus

Photos taken through my eight-inch dobsonian reflecting telescope with the camera attached to the telescope with a 2x barlow lens. This is called the prime focus method of taking photos through the telescope. This is the first time I’ve tried this set up on Jupiter or Uranus. The photo of the crescent Venus and Moon in an earlier post was done the same way. Before this, I’ve just held the camera up to the eyepiece.

Here are three photos with just the portion that shows Jupiter. The camera, a Canon Rebel XS, was set to exposures ranging from 1/250 to 1/600th of a second at ISO sensitivity of 800.

Jupiter1/250 sec

Jupiter 1/600 second

Jupiter 1/400 second

Same camera and telescope setup, but for Uranus 1/10 second ISO 1600.

Uranus 1/10 second exposure at ISO 1600

Jupiter and its four brightest moons through the telescope with the 2x barlow and the Canon XS. Jupiter is very bright so the camera can record the fainter moons.

Jupiter and its four brighest moons. Exposure 1/5 second, ISO 800. Not cropped - it's the whole photo as it was taken.

Click on the photo to see the full picture.


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