Crescent Venus

This morning a crescent Venus was visible in binoculars and telescope 9 degrees (almost a fist width held at arm’s length) to the upper right of the rising sun. Here’s a photo with my Canon Rebel EX attached (prime focus method) through my 8-inch wide dobsonian reflecting telescope.
Click on the image to see the full size photo.

Planet Venus Canon Rebel XS ISO 200 1/500 sec using an 8inch dobsonian telescope as a lens.

The dark areas in the corners are the edge of the ring that attaches the camera to the telescope. The area around Venus is so bright because it’s about one-half hour after sunrise.
I blocked out the sun, found Venus in binoculars and then aimed my telescope/camera combination to the place where Venus was. Since Venus is in front of the sun, it is a tiny crescent, like, but narrower than the moon this morning.

Crescent Moon with Canon Rebel EX ISO 800 1/60 sec, same set up as Venus photo

On the lower right is the Moon with the Canon hand held up to a 30mm eyepiece of my 8-inch dobsonian. Click on the photo for the full sized picture.

Moon with Canon held up to eyepiece. Reflection is from the clear filter I use to protect the camera lens.

Portion of the photo above of the crescent Venus, to show details more easily


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