Westchester Astronomers Telescope Night 9-4-2010

We had our monthly telescope night on Saturday, Sept. 4th.

The evening started out with clouds and then we had periods of clouds until about 10pm.  I had my 8-inch dobsonian.  We helped a family use their telescope for the first time.  In the dob we looked at:
Saturn – a blob with a ring, just a few minutes before it set
Venus – was so bright we had trouble believing it wasn’t an airplane. But it only moved slowly down toward the horizon. Venus disappeared behind a tree as we pointed it out to our visitors.
Then I moved on to some nice sights – Alcor and Mizar in the handle of the Dipper, M13 cluster of stars, mutli-color double star Albireo, the Andromeda galaxy.
Then Jupiter rose with its brightness, four moons and a tan belt. Even with the fringes of the planet waving, looking like a serrated edge, it was fun to look at.
Other members were showing objects in the deeper sky.
Come, join us next month on Oct. 2 for our next telescope night.


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