Another morning, another moon

Here’s two photos of the Moon through my 8-inch dobsonian with my Canon XS, just before sunrise on Sept 1, as you can see by the blueish sky behind the moon.  The white glare is from haze in the air, lit by the sun, just below the horizon from me; it was lighting up the sky above me.

First is 30mm eyepiece, 1/125 second, F4.5, ISO 200

Last Quarter Moon though 8-inch dobsonian

Second photo is through a 15mm eyepiece, camera F5.6 1/125 second ISO-800, 55mm zoom camera lens.

Heavily cratered southern area of the moon

Double click on the photos to see them at full size.

Photos taken Wednesday morning Sept. 1  just before sunrise.


2 responses to “Another morning, another moon

  1. I have been known to do some daytime astronomy and am the local clubs only daytime astronomer so far. I had a difficult time finding a web site that included the right ascension and declination for all the planets on a single page so that I could use the setting circles on the scope to find things once I found Venus or Jupiter. I found a good one that you might want to include in your links. It is which is a satelite tracking site mainly. The link on the page is Planet Summary Data.

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