Moon, Jupiter and Venus in the daytime

Photos taken through my 8-inch dobsonian telescope of the moon, Jupiter and Venus, during the daytime!

The moon is not to hard to find in the daylight sky, if you know where to look.

But finding the next two brightest objects in the sky after the sun and the moon is a bit harder.  I’ve used planetarium software on my palm pilot to get the position of these objects – their direction and elevation above the horizon.  I can point the telescope using an angle finder to get the elevation above the horizon and move the scope left and right to pick up the object in the wide-angle finder scope and then zero in with the higher magnification of the main telescope.

Attached are view though the scope:  the Moon July 2nd 6:14am (sunrise was 5:27am), Canon Rebel zoomed in and looking though a 40 power eyepiece.  Jupiter was taken on June 19th at 9:35am with the Canon Rebel zoomed in and looking though a 200 power eyepiece.  Note the faint darker band contrasted with other, lighter clouds.  Venus was taken on July 5th at 5:46pm, also though the Canon zoomed in with the 200 power eyepiece.

Jupiter in the daytime - with one band of darker clouds on the planet

Moon in daylight

Half-lit planet Venus


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