The US Air Force is testing a reusable spacecraft.  The launch was covered live by the press, but after that, the Air Force has said nothing about it since then (not surprising).  Satellite observers have sighted what they think is the X-37B and sighting times are predicted on spaceweather.com and heavens-above.com.

Last night, I went out and took the attached time exposure when the X-37B was predicted to pass over my town.  It was not hard to see if you are looking for it, but it’s very faint on the photo.  Look for a faint line in the lower right of the photo, extending almost halfway across the photo.  That’s the reflected light from the X-37B.  You will have to click on the photo to get the full size version and see the faint path.

It’s making some good passes over the NYC area the next few days, so check it out!

Photo: Canon Rebel XS 20 sec, ISO 1600


Twenty second exposure including the X-37-B looking like a streak as it moved across the scene during the time exposure.


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