Heads UP! See the ISS Saturday night

Sky map for 6:15pm EST Sat Mar 6 from near New York City from heavens-above.com

Step outside this evening after 6pm and see the International Space Station streak overhead, looking like a very bright dot of light moving overhead.
For the NYC area, it will pass from the southwest to the northeast from 6:09 to 6:15pm.  A minute or two earlier in NJ, a minute or two later in Connecticut.  If you don’t know which direction is which, watch overhead during the scheduled time.
While the sky will be very bright, since it’s so soon after sunset, only the brightest stars may be visible, but the ISS is brighter than the brightest planet (Venus) and, in a clear sky, should be easy to spot moving like an airplane, but much slower than a meteor.

If you are outside the NYC area, you can get times for your location at spaceweather.com (click on satellite flybys and enter your zip code) or heavens-above.com or the NASA website.

What does it look like to you without optical aid?  To me, it’s just a dot of light swiftly moving across the sky.  My wife, Carol can tell that it has some structure to it, as she has very acute vision.  Can you see the general shape of the ISS in binoculars?


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