Preview of almanacs for 2021

Since I've been looking around at almanacs for 2021, here's what I've learned about almanacs coming out for next year. Sky & Telescope’s annual Skygazer’s Almanac (the graphical almanac) and Sky Watch 2021 will be out in November, according to an email in response to a note I sent to the S&T editorial staff. Observer’s … Continue reading Preview of almanacs for 2021

More Venus….and less!

Venus was very tiny in my Canon camera though a 2x barlow amplifying lens (the same setup I used to take the photos of the Moon I posted this morning, so you can see how much larger the Moon appears!) Full frame with Venus through the 8-inch reflecting telescope. Canon XS looking through a 2X … Continue reading More Venus….and less!

Morning Moon and Venus Wed Oct 14 2020

Yesterday's tipping of the Moon so I could see Mare Orientale peeking around the edge of the Moon was clouded out. Here's some nice consolation prizes. Moon (with sunshine and earthshine) and Venus. Looks like they are playing jump rope with the utility lines. Canon XS on tripod, 55 to 250 mm zoom lens set … Continue reading Morning Moon and Venus Wed Oct 14 2020

Heads UP! for October 2020

Boo! This year, the scary change from daylight time to standard time will happen late Halloween night! On Sunday, November 1st at 2am, we’ll ”fall back” to 1am. We’ll lose our ”extra” hour of morning darkness we’ve using to be dazzled by the light of Venus.  Sunrise appears to move from 7:25am EDT on the … Continue reading Heads UP! for October 2020

Venus – not just a nighttime object

Perhaps you've seen that bright dot high in the eastern sky as you go out in the dawn's early light. If it's not moving (much), it's likely to be Venus. Venus is the brightest object in the sky, after the Sun and our Moon. We can use the [blankety-blank] trees that have blocked my viewing … Continue reading Venus – not just a nighttime object

Great string of clear days!

One more mostly clear night tonight. Even the Western smoke is moving away to the south of us. If you are up in the 6am-ish or earlier, see Venus up in the east and then turn around and see Mars (yes, it's reddish, and brighter than anything except Venus) up in the west/southwest. I hate … Continue reading Great string of clear days!

Clearer, Cold Canadian Air Crosses the Border – Weekend of Sept 18- 20.

Just gotta get some words down on the clear air mass headed to the northeastern United States. And there is so much to see in these clearer skies, anytime of night, and during dawn and dusk. Four planets and the International Space Station grace our skies this weekend. Not from around here? The planets will … Continue reading Clearer, Cold Canadian Air Crosses the Border – Weekend of Sept 18- 20.

Smoke arcs across the USA

You've seen the satellite photos of the smoke advecting across the country from the west coast. Here's a list of surface weather observations from airports across the United States. Many have started including the smoke layer as a cloud deck. It's hard to ignore. Note the many sites with little or no cloud cover, except … Continue reading Smoke arcs across the USA